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Trends are constantly changing and when you design your own home you want cohesive design that stands the test of time. Choosing the finer details can be daunting even for professionals.

Often we know what our dream home looks like (with plenty of Pinterest boards full of the ideas) but don’t know how to pull the look together. We hear you – there are a lot of choices and options and even with all the best inspiration getting those choices right isn’t that easy! Like with most things in life, sometimes it is best to get the help of the professionals!

We put our Interior Architect to work on creating four looks; Beach Boho, Modern Luxe, Soho and Coastal Farmhouse. We challenged her to create these looks with as few upgrades as possible and with the end product in mind to ensure you make the best use of your interior options. These Style Guides are available for all of our clients and whether they choose to take the whole look or use them as a starting point is totally up to them.

Take a look at our Style Guides here – and for the full guide with selection items please speak with your Sales Consultant.

Four Interior Design Inspiration Boards That Shows A Coastal Farmhouse, Modern Luxe, Beach Boho and Soho Look


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