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Have you noticed in the search for a custom home builder, the word ‘custom’ gets thrown around quite sheepishly? When deciding who to choose to build that forever home of your dreams, it can be hard to compare your options when there’s so much variation in the semantics of the very word ‘custom’. At Artisan by Icon Homes , we’re big on transparency and making sure that all that is entailed with a bespoke, custom home is clearly spelt out for those feeling confused by the industry.


Custom-built is not the option to make a few tweaks

Fallen under the illusion that a custom-built home is based on permission to make a few tweaks and small changes to floor plans? Does that really feel like you’ll be adding your essence to your new home?

At Artisan by Icon Homes, we understand that your home has to be truly yours. Your personality, your family, your lifestyle should reflect throughout the architectural design. It needs to make sense to you as you will be the one living in it.

That’s why, although our design team have spent years building an extensive range of 米乐体育m6网址 featuring many styles that would work on an array of blocks, we also hold value in knowing that these still might not be perfect for you.

Custom – to us – means allowing you to start from scratch (if you wish) to create a designer home that your family loves no matter what challenges your block presents.


The cost of a custom home should not break the bank

Feeling deflated every time you see the word ‘custom’ added to a builder’s pricelist? We get your frustration and having more design-say shouldn’t make a custom home become an expense that’s out of reach.

At Artisan by Icon Homes we hate surprises and are committed to complete transparency throughout the tendering process, offering fixed-price contracts that allow you to build within your budget. No matter how many others out there have told you that ‘at that price, it’s just not possible’, we are committed to ensuring you get to be part of the architectural process without the price tag.

From moving walls, adding a home gym or upgrading your fittings and finishes… whatever has been sitting on your wish-list, can be calculated upfront with cost-efficient alternatives offered.


All the benefits of a custom home

No one likes the idea of walking into a friend’s home and realising it’s a replica of your own. There really is such relief in knowing that your home is truly one of a kind. When deciding to build a bespoke, luxury home you can rest assured that no two homes out there are alike. Every person who walks through your door will be entering your very own sanctuary that has your unique character, warmth and personality injected into the design.

As custom home builders, we are faced with different types of blocks every day, however, we want to bring out the best in the block by capitalising on views, getting the best backyard space for your family, making sure the pool gets as much sun as possible, and… well, you probably get the picture. Great design isn’t just about a beautiful facade. When you buy off the plan, the design presents as-is and you can’t take advantage of what your block offers.

That’s why, when choosing who to trust with designing the plans for your new home, ensure they too have a keen eye for the potential of your property and how you can make the most out of your block. Because this, is what truly makes it custom!

Do you want a custom home design that is unique to your family’s needs and style? Share with us your ideas today and let our design team create your dream home.

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