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Ready to knockdown that 60s home and rebuild with a custom home design that you’re proud of? As knockdown rebuild specialists in Sydney, we know the questions that come up at every step of the process and below we’ve simplified what you can expect.


Meet with a team and share the dream


Finding the right team who will take your vision and make it happen can be hard. Many builders offer set home 米乐体育m6网址 that aren’t fully customisable, making it hard to achieve your lifestyle goals and desired style.


At Icon Homes, offering intuitive home 米乐体育m6网址 that can be customised to the features of your block, we understand that a dream home is much more than a beautiful space, but one that is functional and uniquely suited to your family’s needs. By ensuring our initial meeting with you is comprehensive, it allows us to offer you an obligation-free initial assessment of the costs to construct your home. Right now, we can have this initial meeting on Zoom and our team look forward to meeting you in person when it is safe to do so.


A site visit for more accurate knockdown rebuild costs


Afraid that unexpected costs will come up throughout the process of a knockdown rebuild? We’ve all heard the horror stories.


That’s why, at Icon Homes, we send a site consultant to survey your home right at the start. With their expertise, we can forecast any potential setbacks, obstacles and conditions that may arise during the knockdown rebuilding process. Again, our site assessments are still happening, albeit a little differently. Our team will do a drive-by, contactless site assessment of your block.


Because here’s the thing, knowing what you’re in for before demolition begins, will allow you the peace of mind to know whether a knockdown and rebuild fits your budget, before you’re too far in. It helps determine factors like whether building a pool is possible on your land size, what restrictions on a two-storey home you might face and whether the easements on your block will hinder your current plans.


Knowing all the things to look for when assessing the property’s potential, is why our trained consultants can provide you with an estimate that’s so precise and indicative of what will be presented on your proposed tender should you choose to move ahead.


Receive a tender with no nasty, hidden surprises


Unimpressed by the hidden costs in tenders you’ve received from your previous list of luxury home builders?


At Icon Homes we’ve been around long enough to see where our industry often goes wrong. Making luxury homes affordable to families is something we’ve become known for… and ultimately how we do that comes down to this one thing: offering tenders at a fixed rate.


With a fixed price tender for a knockdown rebuild, you can expect everything from that point forward to be absorbed into the price.


Included in this price you can expect:

  • A soil test(AKA Bore Hole Report) that allows our engineers to accurately assess site conditions and design the foundations that will ultimately support your home.
  • A site survey (AKA Contour Survey) that helps our estimators determine if the fall of the block will be a factor but more importantly allows our design team to determine how your home will best sit on your block of land.
  • Creative consultations with our design team where you can give input and share your ideas to get the conceptual drawings as close to your vision as possible.
  • All of these documents to become yours to keep!


No matter who you choose to rebuild your home, ensuring they are offering you a fixed price can help you budget and feel at ease when it comes to the financials and signing the contract.


Obtaining your Development Application or a Complying Development

Certificate for council approval


The contract is signed and the process is about to begin… but you’re not sure if you need a Development Application or a Complying Development Certificate?

With any upcoming costs included in your fixed price, we walk you through each next step.


Having built strong relationships with leading demolition companies and local councils, we can liaise with contractors, gas companies and support you with obtaining any permits for a stress-free build. You can  learn more about the demolition process with this video here .


By guiding our customers through a lot of this behind-the-scenes work, we’ve found that it frees their time so they can pour more of their heart and soul into the creative process.


With opportunity to work closely with the design team and interior and exterior consultants at Icon Homes, when you choose to build with us, you can rest assured that you’ll have ample opportunity to pick all of the finishing touches that will make your house a home.


Have a site manager allocated to your build


So, you’ve finalised the design and made all your selections, what happens now and how do you stay involved in what’s happening on site without feeling the weight of responsibility?


At Icon Homes we understand that feeling involved, consulted and part of the process without the stress is important to you. That’s why we allocate a site manager to every job who is not only responsible for making sure that the build itself is of highest standard, but that you are well informed about every step of the knockdown rebuild process along the way.


At certain milestones, site visits will be arranged to ensure all the little details are perfect and as you envisioned, such as tile set out, location of the shower or bath mixers and the position of bathroom fittings. If there’s something you’re not happy with, you’re not locked in. We’re flexible and able to adjust fittings and fixtures to suit your preferences.


Whether it’s capitalising on a stunning location, revamping the potential of a property with a modern abode, or finally setting up a home in a community you love, as Sydney’s knockdown rebuild specialists, we can assist you with a quality build and seamless construction process that is personalised, efficient and designed to work with you.


Ready to connect with a team who will support you the whole way? The first step is as easy as a phone call. Simply call us on 1800 MY ICON to speak with a knockdown rebuild specialist who will guide you through the next steps.

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