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Perfect street, prime location… but the block is on a slope? Thanks to our years of experience executing even the most complex knockdown rebuilds, with Icon Homes you can rest assured, that an uneven lot isn’t always a deal-breaker. With various types of home 米乐体育m6网址 available for sloping sites that can be customised in your favour, resorting to excavation isn’t always the only option, and if it is and you’re wondering, what’s the cost of excavation? Below, we go into detail.


Will a sloping block affect the rebuild of my dream home?

To determine the best way to construct your new home on a sloping site, experienced home designers and developers will need to determine what type of sloping block your home is currently situated on.


Slightly sloping sites

A developer can usually get away with cutting and filling certain areas of the site to create a flat surface. Your overall design will not be affected.


Moderate slope

  If building on a sloping site with a moderate slope, you can expect your plans to include the addition of retaining walls, drop edge beams, internal steps, and/or excavation to retain as much of the initial design vision as possible. Minor to moderate changes in the design of your home may be necessary to ensure the build meets regulations.


Steep slope

For blocks with a steep slope, a split-level design is often the best course of action for a cost-effective solution. Generally, no two split level 米乐体育m6网址 are identical and will always need to be customised to suit the unique conditions of the site and lifestyle/functionality of your home.

Already spent months dreaming up your home design to then find out that your block’s slope is more problematic than you realised? At Icon Homes, we’re accustomed to developing incredibly forth-coming homes that capitalise and make use of the most unique (and at times challenging) attributes of each block.

No matter the modification required, our goal is always for an uncompromised aesthetic for optimal liveability.


The unforeseen benefits of a sloping block

  At first glance, a sloping block may appear as an obstacle, but in reality, there is so much potential. Whether it’s showcasing elevated sweeping views, zoning areas of the home or finally having the dimensions to fit a parents’ retreat, enhancing the unique features of the block whilst keeping the integrity of your original design is possible.

Our Display Home at Beacon Hill is a stunning example. With a three-metre fall across the block making some significant alterations to the original design, the build was still awarded the 2019 NSW Display Home of The Year by the Master Builders Association .

Another huge advantage of purchasing a sloping block without unjustified reservation is the probability of a more affordable land price compared to flat estates on the market. With a conservative to moderate saving on the purchase of your land, the cost of excavation or extra work in development may be pleasantly workable.

But how much does an excavation cost? This will be dependent upon the scope of work required, that is why we offer FREE SITE ASSESSMENTS to all our prospective clients – no one wants any nasty surprises and while lots of research work can be done online, nothing compares to having one of our experts take a look at your block first hand. Currently we are offering these as a drive-by, contactless option.

If you would like someone to run through the process in greater detail or answer any of your questions feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of our team.


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