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The results are in, and the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022: Very Peri!


Very Peri is a warming, bold lavender tone that Pantone has invented from scratch. This fun, rich colour is said to be a celebration of courage, creativity, and modern living, with a splash of spontaneity for good measure.

There are a number of different ways you can introduce this unique shade into your home. Luckily, Very Peri is an incredibly versatile and dynamic colour that can liven up any space.

Before we get into how to use Very Peri colour palettes in your home, let’s first examine the colour itself and why it’s different to lavender as a shade.


What’s The Difference Between Very Peri And Lavender?

You might be wondering what is the difference between lavender and periwinkle (or as per Pantone shade – Very Peri), especially seeing as they can look almost identical. Luckily, there is an easy way to spot the difference between the two.

The biggest difference is that lavender as a colour has much less blue than periwinkle. A good way to tell the difference between them is that you can describe lavender as purple, but you can describe periwinkle as both blue and purple.

“Displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives,” announced Pantone.

Let’s examine ways you can introduce this confident, bold colour into your home or interior design inspiration board.


How To Incorporate Very Peri Into Your Home

The newly created Very Peri colour is incredibly versatile when it comes to mixing and matching in the home.

The easiest combination of colours is Very Peri matched with white and soft tones of beige, camel, and sand. If you’re looking for something warmer, you can add rich browns, coffee, caramel, and even a splash of mustard yellow to offset the tones of purple and blue.

To help inspire your dream home colour combination, Pantone has also released four Very Peri colour palettes :


Very Peri Palettes – How to Add Very Peri to a Range of Colour Palettes

At first glance, Veri Peri in all its boldness can appear hard to subtly introduce to your home. Below we show some beautiful palettes that can be brightened up with the seamless addition of Pantone’s colour of the year.


Balancing Act:

Starring Pantone Very Peri, Balancing Act is a complementary palette featuring warm and cool tones that bring out the best in each other.

The colours in the Balancing Act palette are great for cosy spaces like bedrooms or living areas. Whether you’re adding a Burnished Lilac throw to the couch to contrast the Very Peri feature wall, or if you’re alternating between a Very Peri and Elderberry pattern, contrast is key. Choose Very Peri and one or two other colours to create a statement.


Pantone Balancing Act Colour Swatch Palette



A refreshingly holistic and leafy colour palette. Wellspring brings together shades of lush green and nature-inspired colours topped off with Very Peri, blue and purple. A perfect colour combination to be paired with indoor plants or to create a truly relaxing space inside your home.


Pantone Wellspring Colour Swatch Palette


The Star of the Show

In this colour palette, Very Peri is very much the star of the show. Surrounded by neutrals and classic shades, Very Peri subtly brings a touch of sophistication and warmth to an otherwise cool-toned palette.

The Star of the Show colour palette is a little cooler than the other warm-tone palettes, and could be a welcome addition to areas of the house with lots of metal and chromes. In particular, modern style homes with lots of black or grey shades will benefit from a splash of colour like Very Peri. Add a little flair to areas with metal and concrete by including a Very Peri coloured decorative piece or a feature wall. After all, every space deserves to have a star of the show!


Pantone Star Of The Show Colour Swatch Palette



Last but not least is the sweetest colour palette of all: Amusements. A veritable feast of fun tones, this fun and flamboyant palette featuring Very Peri adds a touch of spontaneity or joy to any space in the home.

The Amusements colour palette is a great way to add a little Tuscan vibe to space, or for livening up the kids’ playroom or bedroom. Not only is Very Peri an eye-catching colour, but it can also soothe and relax the mind—perfect for bedrooms or areas of relaxation and recuperation.

For brighter spaces, a simple Very Peri rug or bedside table can help to balance out the other stronger tones in the palette like Paradise Pink or Pink Flambé.


Pantone Amusements Colour Swatch Palette



If looking at all these wonderful shades of colours has inspired you to picture your very own dreamy Very Peri interior, then contact us here to see how your new home can be a Very Peri paradise. Our 米乐体育m6网址 are available for customisation, and we’d love to help you create your perfect space inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year 2022.

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