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Building a new home has never been more exciting. The past few years have seen a burst of new interior design trends, such as improved home offices and dedicated remote learning spaces. The popular interior design looks to keep an eye out for in 2022 are all about nature, calming space, decluttering, and making more room for loved ones.

Whether you’re building your new home, renovating your current one, or just browsing for inspiration, you cannot look past these 2022 interior design trends in Australia.


The Top 6 Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

1.   Nature, greenery, and all things sustainability

This 2022, interior design and architecture is all about bringing greenery and nature indoors. 米6体育平台分析模板 and eco-living have long been at the forefront of interior trends over the past few years. Now, interior design is kicking it up a notch with the emergence of the biophilic design movement —米乐体育m6网址 that allow a person to feel connected to nature through space, design, and natural elements.

Lots of indoor plants, earthy textures, natural materials, and even living wall art are some of the best interior design trends to look out for this year. To incorporate this trend into your home, think of large, open windows, lots of indoor plants, and furniture made from natural materials. Many Australians are loving this movement as a 2022 bathroom design trend. Walls painted or tiled with cool, earthy tones will complement soft edges, and patterns in the space.

Lounge Surrounded By Pot Plants

2.   A Mudroom

This interior design trend is quickly finding its feet in Australia as more and more families discover the benefits of having a mudroom. Mudrooms have lots of uses ,   including being a place to store items, kick the mud off your boots, and hide away pesky clutter.

A popular home design inclusion in the United States, Canada, and other countries with lots of snow and mud, mudrooms also offer families an alternative entryway to the home, a small space to do washing and a small, dedicated space for pets. The best place to have a mudroom is at the front of your home, or, like in our Raglan 42 or Dalkeith 47 米乐体育m6网址 , in between your laundry area and garage.

White Mudroom With Storage

3.   Decorative or Privacy Screens

Need a little privacy without losing the view? Or an interesting outdoor feature that can help to provide some shade? Sounds like you need a decorative screen or two, another big interior design trend in 2022.

A decorative screen, also known as a privacy or feature screen, can be used in the garden, around a swimming pool, on balconies and terraces, and as a decorative piece on the front of your home. Not only do decorative screens provide shade and privacy, but they also add a little personality and creativity to a build. Our North Manly 4 build is a perfect example of clean design complemented by screens.

The Montauk 31 Display Home Alfresco

4.   Mindfulness or Conscious Spaces

The past few years have been a whirl of stress and worry for many. That’s why in 2022 you’ll see a huge move toward a dedicated mindfulness zone, or a conscious space.

Allocating a space within your home as a calming zone can help to differentiate between working spaces and relaxation spaces. Many families are recognising the benefit of having a small area in the home to reset, relax, and recover.

A mindful space can be an entire room in the home, an outdoor space, or even just a small spot on the floor near some open windows. Many families who have chosen to build with Icon Homes have decided to use their outdoor space, or spare bedroom as a “calm down zone.”

Wherever you decide to create a mindful zone, make sure it’s a place away from devices, work, or any other stressors.

A Woman Relaxing On A Couch Looking Out A Window

5.   Granny Flats

A modern solution for a large family or multi-generational home, granny flats are another house design trend in 2022. Whether you’re using it for a beloved family member, guests, as a small home studio, for storage, or as the kid’s playroom, granny flats are a great idea for any home.

Icon Homes offers two granny flat builds, the Granny Flat MKI and the MKII . With a choice between one or two bedrooms, a granny flat offers you everything you need under one, small, compact roof.

Granny Flat 1 Facade Image

Granny Flat 2 Facade Image








Fallen in love with a trend in 2022 and want to incorporate it into your new home? We’d love to help you with the next steps! Contact one of our brilliant team members to find out how your new home could be an emerging trend in 2022.

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