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Are there cracks in the walls of your current home? Is the entire house just not working for you, but you don’t want to move? Maybe some serious structural issues need to be fixed, but the cost of renovating is leaving you overwhelmed? It sounds like you need a knockdown rebuild!

A knockdown rebuild is an excellent solution for a house situated on the perfect block of land that might be too expensive to fix or completely unsuitable for your needs. Rather than going through the hassle of costly renovations or moving houses, a knockdown rebuild with Icon Homes allows you to create your dream home on your existing block.

To know if you need a knockdown rebuild, here are our top six signs that it’s time to knock everything down and start from scratch. You can also speak with one of our talented Icon Homes team members via the contact form to find out more.


1.   Your home has structural issues or an unstable foundation that cannot be repaired.

What is the condition of the structural supports in your walls and ceilings? Are there cracks in the walls? Has your foundation begun to buckle? Have you noticed water damage or damp rooms?

A home with severe structural issues or extensive water or mould damage needs some serious attention. If the damage is minimal and well-contained, renovating can solve the problem. However, a complete knockdown rebuild will make more sense if the damage is extensive.

It is a practical solution, but it can also be a financially responsible decision. Before making a decision, either way, speak with a housing contractor to see if you need a renovation or a knockdown.


2.   You live in an older home.

While older buildings have a certain charm about them, chances are they won’t stay in tiptop shape if you plan to live there for decades to come.

Older homes can be less energy-efficient, more expensive to maintain, and in some cases, be incompatible with modern utilities. Additionally, aging buildings naturally become less stable and begin to degrade. Rather than facing huge costs, later on, many families choose to do a knockdown rebuild.

However, this may not be possible if you live in a historic or heritage-protected building. Rather than risking legal action, speak with your local council to see what building or renovation options you have.


3.   You love the neighbourhood but hate the house.

So you’ve finally secured a block of land in your dream neighbourhood. It’s close to your office, schools, parklands, amenities, public transport, or overlooking nature. There’s just one problem: the house on your property is not for you.

Rather than missing out on the perfect block of land, you can simply do a knockdown rebuild and create your ideal home, too. Icon Homes is dedicated to creating a perfect home for you, and with a knockdown rebuild, you can have the perfect home without leaving your neighbourhood.


4.   You need a change but don’t want to move.

Maybe you’ve found your dream block of land in the perfect location, but your home feels a little lacklustre or stale.

A knockdown rebuild is a great way to get a refresh on your home. You can create the ideal space for your and your family’s needs and get that “new home feeling” without losing the perfect location.


5.   There are council restrictions, but you want more space.

If your local council has height, width, or length restrictions on building, you might be frustrated knowing you need an extra room or two but can’t build it.

A possible solution for these restrictions is to build an entirely new home within the structure placement restrictions for your suburb or area. Before making any decisions, it’s best to speak with the Icon Homes team, as these restrictions have occasionally changed over time, so you may have less space to rebuild than you think.


6.   You need more space

If you’ve noticed that your current home has not been designed in a way that maximises the liveable area on your block of land, then you need to consider a knockdown rebuild.

No matter how many walls you knock down or furniture rearrangements you do, sometimes a house won’t fit your needs, especially if you have a growing family.



Beginning to think that a knockdown rebuild is what your home needs? We’re here to help. Icon Homes can help you design your new home from scratch or allow you to select from our extensive range of pre-made designer builds. Get in touch with one of our team members today, and start creating your dream home. 

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