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Over the past few decades, Hamptons-style homes have steadily become more and more popular with Australian families looking to enjoy the easy-breezy energy of these builds. A Hampton-style design is a timeless classic that will keep for generations to come and is a design that suits all kinds of builds.

Here at Icon Homes, we love Hamptons-style homes so much that we have a Hamptons-style facade to suit several home 米乐体育m6网址. But before we discuss building plans, let’s understand what Hamptons-style homes look like and how to introduce them into your home.


Where did the Hamptons style originate?

Hamptons-style interiors and exteriors are believed to have originated in the Hamptons, on the east coast of the US. These houses were designed and constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability, longevity, and low maintenance.

These style homes stand out thanks to their large, often ocean-facing windows, natural textures, and summer holiday energy.


How To Recreate Your Own Hamptons-Style Home

In Australia, Hamptons-style homes have become increasingly popular, especially in coastal areas, thanks to their breezy yet sophisticated design.

When choosing your colour palette, consider neutrals like sandy creams, soft tinted blues, pastels, and bleached weatherboards. Some interior designers will pair warmer corals with teals and charcoal to emulate the colours of the ocean and reef, creating a stunning juxtaposition with the neutrals.

In terms of building materials, Hamptons-style homes are awash with timber flooring, panelled walls, natural stone, and the quintessential Hamptons feature, big bay windows. At Icon Homes, we love putting big bay windows in stunning views or landscaping 米乐体育m6网址. It helps to bring the outside in and give your Hamptons home lots of natural light.


Icon Homes And Hamptons-Style Builds

A great example of Hampton’s style colour palette in action is our Tampa 30 with Hamptons facade. The facade features soft blue panelled walls, a white garage and trimmings, and large windows.

The Tampa 30 is a four-bedroom architectural dream designed to accommodate families of all sizes without compromising on space or sunlight. This build is a great home design for those who love coastal living but perhaps are looking to build on a narrow block.

For larger blocks of land, the Peconic 39 with the Hamptons facade is a luxury design complete with a double garage and four bedrooms. Named after the region where the Hampton style was born, this home encompasses all the iconic features.

If you’re someone who enjoys seeing a design come to life, then our Montauk 31 display home is the answer for you. The Montauk 31 is a stunning family home that channels all the luxury and sophistication of the Hamptons. Not only does this home design channel all of the classic Hamptons features and colour palettes, but it also comes with a giant walk-in dressing room.


Looking to make your home a holiday all year round? Wondering if your new build needs a little Hamptons to your home, speak with one of our team members today to find out how you can bring the Hamptons to your home.

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