Follow Me I

Course Outline

Follow Me I is a foundations of Christian leadership course in which students examine their relationships with themselves, other Christians and with God. The central question that Follow Me I seeks to answer is, “What makes a ministry successful?”

The course is broken out into three sections with an assignment due at the end of each section. At the end of this course, students will be equipped with the tools to advance their Christian leadership practice and develop a more effective ministerial practice.

Course Length: Self-paced (approximately 8 weeks)

Prerequisites: None

The Self in Ministry

a. The Importance of Self Encounter (What is the meaning of self denial to an oppressed person?) My Vocation is to ___________________?
b. Balancing what I think with who I am becoming [Awareness of three filters of the conscious: (Parent, Adult, Child)]

c. Ministry as Servant Sensitivity to Self and God’s presence (Discerning How Not To Burnout)
d. What Gets To Me Most: Think About What Matters At The Right Time!

Student will be required to give a personal testimony of what they have come to know about themselves in a 3 minute oral reflection / Reading: Seeds of Sensitivity, Deepening Your Spiritual Life Robert J. Wicks

Due Date – October 24th 7pm

The Other in Ministry

a. Analyzing My Perception of Others – Using Jesus as the Model in Ministry

b. Answering The Hard Question: How Do I Know That My Ministry To Others is Effective? Measuring Success and Analyzing My Predisposition For Success
c. Leading By The Spirit or Being Led By The Spirit: Knowing What Is Necessary To Embrace A Faithful Opportunity (Non-Compete Clause)
d. Learning How To Receive From The Ministry Of Others – Open Heart and Open Mind Ministry

Student will be required to provide an example of a transforming moment in their encounter with the other in Ministry, at Work, at Home or in a Social Environment (Handouts Read – Spirituality for Ministers)  2-3 pages typed

The God of Relationships

a. Relationship Integrity, Trust, Honesty, Transparency and Love

b. God’s Image and Our Fear Of Abandonment Biblical Interpretations In Hebrews

Final: Presentation (5 minute) on Making A Difference: What You Believe Is Your Next Step and Identifying Through Research The Resources That Can Assist Me