Follow: Discerning Your Gifts and Calling

Course Outline

Follow Me II continues the work of Follow Me I and while examining the Christian Leader and the spiritual gifts that they bring to their ministry. This course is designed to help you identify your unique spiritual gifts and the ways they can be used in your mission to bring souls to Christ.

Course Length: 8 weeks

Prerequisites: Follow Me I

Week One

Introduction – Purpose of Spiritual Gifts
      Explanation of Final Exam-Discussion ( Life Calling & Personal Assessment)


    Christian Introspection, Self-Ministry through Self-Understanding

Week Two

Work of the Holy Spirit Biblical Interpretation of Calling and Practicality of Gifts
    Hand In: Christian Introspection-Structured Self-Evaluation

Week Three

Indentifying Your Spiritual Gifts/Talents

Week Four

Gifting and Giftedness (Introspection & Discernment)

Week Five

Vertical Calling and Gifts & Horizontal Calling and Gifts

Week Six

Discuss of Book: Christian Introspection (R. J. Wicks) & Support On Final

Week Seven

New Personal Discoveries

Week Eight

3 Minute presentations of final and counseling session with Dr. Rogers

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