Mindset Over Matters: Wise Words For Today’s Believer

I am on a quest to bring back some foundational things in Christianity which are built on the idea of deep reflection and meditation. Both of these areas of concentration can easily be avoided in a world that requires we react spontaneously for self-gratification in pursuit of material things that are attractive to us all. The contemplative life has more significance in our modern world than ever before and especially for the believer.

A very wise philosopher once stated, " The good life is a life that questions and thinks about things; it is a life of contemplation, self-examination, and open-minded wondering. The good life is thus an inner life-the life of an inquiring and ever expanding mind."

This quote came from Socrates, who did not think that happiness is a result of affluence and material consumption. He believed that a rich and active mind make people happy. What do you think about that thought? Socrates also made this statement worth noting, " My belief is that to have no wants is divine, and to have as few as possible is next to divine…."

The life of Jesus appears reflects that same thought, "foxes have holes, the birds of the air have nest but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head." He also states, lay not up for yourselves treasures in the earth. . . . what does all this mean for the modern Christian? We shall contemplate on these things as we consider the next chapter of Mindset over Matters!

Think About It!

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