God’s Love Was Seen In 2014 Join Us As We Celebrate

Wow, if you are like me you are probably saying and thinking the same thing this year flew by so fast and here we are at the cusp of a New Year. I want to thank each of our friends, associates and family members for making 2014 a “WOW” year for us here at Christ of Calvary Covenant Church. I hope that you were able to feel the love that we the body of Christ here in Philadelphia have for you! I can’t begin to express the joy of having connections with people from all around the world that share our love for Christ Jesus.

There were so many highlights to this year that I can’t name them all. But one thing I can say that you our Facebook family have blessed us with your interactive comments, opinions and expressions. Your presence here on Facebook and Leadbycovenant.org will continue to encourage us as we start the New Year. Your participation with us has inspired the theme for next year it is, "One Family. . . The Theme for 2015."

Thank God for a brilliant end to 2014 and even more so for the One Family we are gathering as we enter 2015!

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