MOM: Is Failure A Necessary Part of Life?

I believe so, and here is the reason why and article written by Jeff Haden of the Influencer called, 7 Poisonous Beliefs That Make You Desperately Unhappy

You believe you no longer need to fail.

Most of us do everything we can to avoid failure. That’s a natural instinct with an unnatural by-product: we start to lose the ability to question our decisions.

And we lose the ability to see ourselves from another person’s point of view. The ability to work with and lead others is compromised when we lose perspective on what it’s like to not have all the answers… and what it’s like to make mistakes.

So go out and fail, but not in the way you might think. Forget platitudes like, "In business, if you aren’t failing you aren’t trying.” Business failures cost time and money that most of us don’t have. (My guess is "Failure" doesn’t appear as a line item in your operating budget.)

Instead fail at something outside of work. Pick something simple that doesn’t take long and set a reach goal you know you won’t reach. If you normally run two miles, try to run five. If you play a sport, play against people a lot better than you. If you must choose a business task, cold call ten prospects.

Whatever you choose to do, give it your all. Leave no room for excuses. Make sure you can only be judged on your merits – and that you will be found wanting.

Why? Failure isn’t defeating. Failure is motivating.

The Lesson: I believe that this article is important for Christians. Sometimes believers bring their performance driven Mindset into the church only fooling oneself into believing that performance Matters most rather than a heart humbly turned to God. As per lessons learned from my life’s failures it has taught me one valuable lesson that is to monitor what my intentions are closely. What I mean is that nowadays I sense that it is more important to judge and weigh my actions based on my desires and intentions. I believe that when we operate out of a pure heart God will honor our actions. Even if the results are less than what I expected. Essentially, that is what failure is the negative perception of a "Less Than Expected Outcome."

Maybe this is what Jesus was sharing for those who experience less than expected outcomes throughout their life, "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." MOM says, never be afraid to fail.

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