MOM: The Heart of Ministry . . .

Is unquestionably the act of surrender. Ministry begins when a person becomes resistant to the beckoning call of the human Mindset and desire to fulfill one’s own desires for self-glorification and ungodly independence (Pride). I used the word resistant to describe our capacity to resist the temptation of worldly thinking while actively pursuing the call […]

DocSoul MOM What Is Covenant Leadership Academy’s Purpose, Vision & Mission?

Purpose Statement– To facilitate innovative thinking in Christian Education and Global Urban Ministry.Isa.45:1-8 Vision Statement– To support the work of transformational leaders in their pursuit of change everywhere in the world. Matt. 28:18-20. Mission Statement– To provide a full range of transformational learning opportunities designed to equip twenty-first century leaders. Matt. 28:18-20 A Transformational leader […]