b"SITE COSTS & INCLUSIONSKEY FEATURESCOUNCIL FEES & APPLICATION Site scrape excavation to block. REQUIREMENTSEngineer designed concrete slab to suit MSection 149 Planning Certicate.classication soil. Kerb and Gutter Deposit.Treated 'T2' 90mm external andRoad Opening Fee.internal stud frames to ground and rst oor. Security / Damage Deposit Bond.Engineered joist system (to all double storey Building Inspection Fee.houses). Complying Development or Termite protection to perimeter and pipe Construction Certicate Fee. penetrations. Occupation Certicate.Sewer, Gas & Water Connections to dwelling.Water Authority and Sewer Frame and Truss Engineered to N2 wind category Inspection Fee.(33m/sec wind bracing). Long Service Levy Fee.Certier Inspection Fee.BASIX Certicate.HOW Certicate.Excludes Section 7.12 Contribution.Onyxby Icon Homes Inclusions apply to new home deposits on OnyxRange only from 01.02.2021. Some of the inclusions mentioned or described in this brochure may vary depending on your chosen house design or may have been changed and/or are available at an extra cost.Credits will not be given for the deletion of any item or redeemable for cash or credit at building contract. OnyxInclusions are subject to change without notice. Icon Homes reserves the right to use alternative suppliers and or to substitute items with equivalent products at any time where specied in this brochure, or as on display or noted in the building contract.All OnyxInclusions are based on a standard design oor plans. Any modications or extensions may incur additional costs. Icon Homes has the right to review inclusion and pricing of packages at any time and is subject to all statutory requirements and Developers approvals.All imagery and photography used in this brochure should be used as a guide only and may depict xtures and features that are not included or supplied by Icon Homes unless specied. These may include items such as, furnishings, landscaping, pools, retaining walls, lighting, blinds, decorative nishes and facade upgrades.Please see your Sales Consultant for a full list of your Icon Homes inclusion package and pricing.All measurements noted are in millimetres unless specied."
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